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From George and Lennox to Gaga and Lambert: Androgyny, david Bowie etc. Tombolata traditional gender roles dating Femminielli: divertimento e tradizione ad Avellino”.

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A photograph of a femminiello in cross-dress during the 19th century. It is reductive to insert the Neapolitan Femminiello within the macro-category of transgender usually adopted in Anglo-Saxon and North American contexts. The femminiello, instead, could be considered as a peculiar gender expression, despite a widespread sexual binarism. The cultural roots of this phenomenon are embedded in confer to the femminiello a cultural and even socially legitimized status.

Achille della Ragione has written of social aspects of femminielli. Revolt in the Quartieri Spagnoli: femminielli drive out the transsexuals.