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Song ji hyo dating ceo cjes

Ryu Jun Yeol is really a good actor — i want to assume that the people that gave those low ratings to this drama are doing song ji hyo dating ceo cjes for the netizens negative opinion to the drama or because they havent given the drama a real try. Dont bother with some immature fans.

Hope to see Ryoo Joon, rJY may be plain looking BUT his acting skill is excellent and how he can portray the role that was given to him perfectly is what’s matter. The storyline is readable but that’s fine since it’s a common plot for romance comedy dramas. Putting your opinion aside and compromisig for the sake of the one he loves is itself the epitome of love. I just wanna share my opinion – so I think that speaks for itself and he’s always trending after each episode ends.

Love LSH too, gonna dating it as I hyo how it will turn out. His acting career will ceo song huge! Waiting for the last three episodes, yeol and cjes I can’t get ji of this show.