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Season 5 of Southern Charm began with Thomas Ravenel’s new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, arguing with Kathryn Dennis in an explosive scene. Thomas and Kathryn will be linked for life because of the kids they share, but did Kathryn’s tension with Ashley impact Thomas and Ashley’s relationship? That initial scene that viewers saw wasn’t the first one they filmed for the season, either. After that clip, the show rewound the clock to months earlier, meaning that the footage was way more recent than the rest of the events from the Southern Charm Season 5 premiere episode.

In that first scene alone, Ashley had the nerve to tell Kathryn, “You’re a baby mama” and “You’re nothing but an egg donor. Kathryn dropped a few “F” bombs and told Ashley that she is “an entitled gold digger. Kathryn even said, “We’ll never be cool.