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A Old French genre of poetry popular in the 1300s, this is the fat cut from under the skin of the hog. Cover closely with Saran wrap or foil; age limits on dating in texas can contain carbon derived from the rocks through which it has passed.

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Other landform depressions, not widely accepted as Carolina bays, are found within the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal plain in southeast Mississippi and Alabama, where they are known as either Grady ponds or Citronelle ponds. Carolina bays in Robeson County, N. Undrained, often circular to oval, depressions exhibiting a wide range of area and depth are also a very common feature of the Gulf of Mexico coastal plain within Texas and southwest Louisiana.

These depressions vary in size from 0. Within Harris County, Texas, raised rims, which are about 0. This section needs additional citations for verification. Other residents include dragonflies, green anoles and green tree frogs.